Where do fun, useful apps come from? Teams that know their users.

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Using Etherscan’s Address Tags and Transaction Notes

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A Flurry of Activity

I recently…

Emphasize These Beats to Keep Your Reader Engaged

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It was the best of lines, it was the worst of lines.

Most writers are aware that the first line, paragraph, and page of a story must be perfect. Compared to the rest of the words in the work, these demand an inordinate amount of attention.

Ignore the above warning. The following is fine for anyone, really. Image Credit: Hulu

Use this simple rule to keep your reader engaged from start to finish

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The Rule

Regardless of premise, prose, or point of view, pay out action and character development at equal rates.

Continuous Action

Start in the middle of some action if possible, so that readers never say, “It took a while to pick up, but when it did, boy was it exciting.” …

Google Ngram Viewer: Historical use of the English phrase “am I right”

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